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Sunday, October 23, 2016


Sensei Thomas Dunne- Tuam Karate Club winner of the senior kumite event at the national championships in Dublin 1984.

Clonberne Karate Club grading (Dunmore Karate Club) with Sensei Toomey and sensei Celine king '98

                                                               Ian, Ben, David, Joe

                                                 Sensei Gerard Clyne, Garret, Jarlath

                                            David, Gerard, Ian- Irish Open Championships

                                                            kevin and connor


                                                                Shobukan Dojo!

                                       Tuam karate club grading with Sensei Brian Toomey

                                                      Irish Open competition!

                                                        Training with sensei Gerard

                                                                     The Crew!

                                                   The Machine- PJ Moloney Sensei OSU

                                                Sensei Jessi Pablo (RIP) kombatan Osu

                                           Daniel And Gerard-  Shobukan and Kenbukan
                                                  Sensei Gerda and Martin with Matthew
                             Matthew and Dathi in action for tuam karate club! - Irish Open
                                                Martin and gerda fighting for shodan!
                                          John, Tony and Rory taking a well deserved water break!
                                                Grading in Kenbukan Dojo Fermoy

                                                      Dungarvan Beach Training
                                                    Class and grading - sensei Brian
                                            Sensei Brian Toomey, with Gerda and Martin


Friday, June 15, 2012

Irish Open Shotokan Karate Championships 2012

Sempai Ben warming the Tuam squad up and giving them some tips before the event starts.

Most of the Tuam crew!

John performing the kata "Heian Shodan".

Daithí lines up to do his kata.

Geraldine keeping the nerves at bay.

Sempai Ben adjudicating.

The special needs and wheelchair Karate division lines up.

Daithi charges in!

Tony prepares to fight.

The face of fighting spirit!

Barry waits for his second fight. 

The senior black belt mens' division lines up.

Ben performs Heian Godan.

Marie and Geraldine lining up for the womens' 12th to 4th kyu division.

Marie doing the wrist lock from the kata Bassai Dai -  "storming a fortress" .

Ben completing his prize winning Ji'in!
One of the day's casualties!
First and third place going to Tuam Karate Club!